Remember to Say a Big Thank You to all the Guests.
Also at the entrance, place a book or large sheet of paper where guests can comment on their sentiments about the couple, and maybe share some of their memories and thoughts for the couple.
Lets see if we can come up with a few examples: 25 paper clips because hes always losing pieces of paper 25 chocolate hearts 25 bottles of beer 25 poker chips 25 charms for a silver bracelet 25 pairs of knickers 25 chicken drumsticks.
Take yourselves away for a memorable vacation.Jazz Things Up with Silver Decorations.So where to start?All your kids have likely flown the nest, or are old enough now to be left alone or taken care of by family and friends.You probably already know silver has long been associated with 25th anniversaries, both modern and traditional gift lists have it as the appropriate symbol.If youre wondering what me mean by personalised details, its all about including the little things she likes, and showing her that you know and understand her.To my soul mate on our 25th wedding anniversary.Samuel L Jackson and LaTanya Richardson - Samuel is one of the biggest grossing Hollywood actors, and the couple have been together for 32 years.It doesnt necessarily have to be expensive, you could even have a go at making it by hand.Maybe add a couple of swans or love birds to represent their eternal love.Other things have tried to get in the way, such as work commitments, friends, family and other responsibilities, but youve stayed true to each other, and here you are.
The only thing limiting your choices is your bravery and thirst for adventure.A lavish party is not however everyones cup of tea, so how about doing something special together.Give the Gift of Beautiful Thoughts.What a welcome first baby of the new year prize 2014 for all the guests!In 25 years time, youll be able to read them to each other, and hopefully things wont have changed.Its timeless beauty and elegance will ensure it receives a special place in the hearts and homes of those who receive them.