If it gives you the performance, you want a few extra dollars a box is not going the partsgeek coupon code to be an issue.
Because propellant loads used by the manufacturer are not available, we went conservative with the loads using Nosler load data and kept the charge the same for each round within a cartridge.
We will also compile this data in the applications section.
The.300 Winchester Magnum that belted affair based on a shortened Holland and Holland casewas released in 1963 as the last in a quartet of cartridges that redefined magnum performance to the masses.While the concept of Magnum rounds was not really novel at the time, the.300 xavier's school for gifted youngsters phone number Win Mag gained a lot of popularity due to its incredible performance in the velocity and power categories.Deeper penetration is not always an indicator of a better cartridge.And while we will look at all of these categories individually, it is important to remember that all of these factors play off of and influence each other.Try as many out in your rifle as you can, and you will eventually find a pairing that is up to your standards.The difference in how low the bullet sits in the casing is negligible and results in the.300 Win Mag being able to hold a greater amount of powder though the case capacity does not represent how much powder is loaded into each cartridge.Based on this, we can begin to see that the differences between these two cartridges, when just looking at the skeletal design, is not the determining factor for which cartridge is going to show a more pronounced bullet drop.Recoil can influence shot placement, especially with someone with inexperience handling the rifle and cartridge.
Its impossible to quantify the actual kick that is felt because a lot of variables in the gun design and even the shooting stance come into play.
Generally, for factory loads, they are going to hover around these numbers, but if you need a high BC, there are probably rounds of both cartridges available out there and most definitely so when it comes to hand loads.The previous ballistic categories we have looked at influence the trajectory of the bullet and its ability to overcome natural influences that will cause the bullet to lose elevation.No self-respecting magnum cartridge of the 20th century would have shown its face on the market without the Holland Holland belt, though very few of themexcepting the straight-walled affairsneeded them at all.Perhaps more important is how well the ammo cycles through your weapon, which it is the case that some ammo seems to work better with certain rifles than others.The similarities in the name alone are enough to through off those who might not be familiar with these cartridges.Its still relative though, and might not make much of a difference to a lot of you reading this.As far as an advantage for one cartridge over the other, there is never more than an inch of difference between the averages of the two cartridges at any point over the bullets range.And again, while the averages give a slight advantage to the.300 Win Mag, there are several.300 WSM rounds that provide just as much or more bullet momentum than several of the.300 Win Mag rounds.As you can see, even with the increase in sample size, the general trend we saw in the small sample size remains the same.300 Win Mag.300 WSM Average Velocity (ft/s) Yards Win Mag.3 2476.2 2139 Ballistic Coefficient (BC) For a lot of cartridge comparisons.

All of the still carry a tremendous amount of energy at these extreme ranges when it comes to hunting though with all of the rounds bringing more than 1, with two rounds still carrying over 2, one.300 Win Mag and one.300 WSM.
The 300 Win Mag is very popular in the hunting community, especially with those chasing big game.
From the.300 to 500 yards, the.300 Win Mag has a slight advantage, but again, it is less than 100fps.