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An offer for 500 back meant for one locale should never appear on a national website if the offer is not available to those who view.
Outside of these times, our, xperts and other community members are likely to respond to your post.We ask that you please be respectful spiritual gifts from god in the bible to others and mindful of our community's rules when participating: Rule 1: Do not post confidential information.With the iPhone X set to be in incredibly short demand, there arent a lot of promotional deals floating around right now.Rule 3: No duplicate content or thread hijacking.If you already do, though, its a good deal: 45 per month for unlimited data, which includes unlimited talk, text, and a soft cap of 20GB of data.Its much better than Verizons pricing for unlimited, which goes from 75 to 85 for one line, depending on what features you want.Created and moderated by customers like you and verified employees, our community is your official source on Reddit for help with Xfinity services.The best you can really do is a trade-in offer from most of the big carriers, but 300 off when you trade in a perfectly good iPhone 6S isnt much of a deal.
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(The ad appeared on a world time website, rather than a local website with a local target audience.).Got a question or need some help?Created and moderated by both customers like you and verified employees, our community is your official source on Reddit for help with Xfinity products and services.Our mod team will provide official support during the hours below when issues require our attention (like billing requests, troubleshooting advanced technical issues, etc).For the best experience, we recommend viewing our subreddit in "New" Reddit.When clicking the ad, you are taken to a Comcast page with this list of offers: *mouse print: (click graphic below for a larger version).Tuesday 9a - 1a ET, wednesday 10a - 1a ET, thursday 9a -.Advertisers can tell from your IP address roughly where you live, and can target ads accordingly on the fly.Friday 12p - 1a ET, saturday 9p - 1a ET, updated 9/2/18.Given the relatively small number of Xfinity Mobile subscribers (at least compared to the big networks getting a device directly from Xfinity Mobile might be a good move to try and get a device on launch day.

From now until December 3rd, any new customers who sign up for Comcasts Xfinity internet, TV, and mobile service and buys an iPhone X will get a 500 gift card.
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