Alicia, the traditional 14th anniversary gift is ivory.
Craig and Judy.
For some reason, a fossil-mammoth-ivory-handled knife seemed like the right gift for best craft gifts for christmas my husband for our 14th anniversary.
The kids were already asleep so we buy mastercard gift card uk took our romantic evening straight to bed.That created a bit of a dilemma for me, for two reasons:.That would leave only the possibility of purchasing antique purely pets discount code ivory.Ruby, Alexandrite, and, rhodolite garnet are the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 15th anniversary.Better yet, make a donation to the elephant rescue charity in Tennesee.Alternatively, this would also be the perfect box in which to enclose a love note or poem.Beautiful crystal jewelry, crystal flowers, or a figurine would make a nice gift.For a twist on the bone theme but with a non-endangered animal, check out this artisan cow bone jewelry and range of bull and water buffalo horn jewelry!The modern ivory trade is illegal.
Glass also provides a very wide range for gifts including jewelry, wine, personalized keepsake gifts, vases, tableware, mood lighting, and so many more unique possibilities.And since they've been extinct for 30,000 years, it also wouldn't go against my vegan ideals.The crystal anniversary is also a great opportunity to invest in a feature piece of decorative crystal or art glass for your home.Then we had a romantic dinner together before driving home.Then it came.For years I've heard about artisans using fossil mammoth ivory to make all sorts of items.Within days, the knife was assembled and polished, making it a fabulous, timeless, and usable gift, for under 1,000.Alternate modern jewelry materials for the 14th anniversary are opal, agate, and bloodstone.Appropriate for either a man or a woman, and you don't have to be Hindu to appreciate the beauty and significance of a lovely Ganesha.

Along the theme of ivory, any kind of elephant-themed gift would also be perfect!
Please never purchase real ivory because that supports an illegal and brutal elephant poaching industry.