If you are a shooter and spend any significant time at the range, you must have seen the influx of the.5 Creedmoor rifles lining up on the shooting benches.
Lets take a closer look at what makes each one of them tick to help you decide which would better fit your needs.
McMillan turn bolt shooting this cartridge can be considered memorable at the least.The 140-grain.5 mm ELD-Match has a.C.The Creedmoor requires.25 MOA of wind adjustment in the 10mph wind, and the.308 needs.25 MOA a difference of 20 inches.Long-range shooting has taken amex gift certificates off and is undoubtedly here to stay.While all sorts of cartridges have been used for long range shooting the.30-06 Springfield was once a favorite 1,000-yard cartridge, and the.300 H script solutions discount card H Mag.Name five of the very best long range cartridges please.Many people feel that the.5mm projectile provides the best aerodynamic ballistic profile of any diameter bullet designed today, resulting in high ballistic coefficients (BC) and superior long range results as well as reduced wind deflection.
Now, I realize the bullets can be changed, velocities modified, etc., but I feel this is a fair representation of the differences between the two easiest recoiling long-range cartridges.About the Author.P.While the.5 Creedmoor has really only gained significant popularity among vast numbers of shooters within the last two years, this cartridge was launched 10 years fleet feet gift card ago.Prior to starting this material I interviewed several hard nosed long range shooters and asked each of them the same question.In terms of performance.The Creedmoor needs.0 MOA of holdover, while the.308 needs.5 MOA, but the 10-mph crosswind will start to show the advantages of the higher.C.The big 50 will send a 750 grain bullet down range at 2700.p.s., then destroy almost anything in its path that ranges from barricades to warm targets.408 Chey-Tac Long Range Cartridges 408 CheyTac Long Range Cartridge, the 408 CheyTac has a mixed history of both success and failure, but in the area of pure ballistics it is a very deadly gunning system.

When compared with the popular.308 Winchester the recoil is reduced, making a long day at the range much more pleasurable.