There's no noise-cancelling at this price point however, and note that surprise gift message for wife these are cabled not wireless headphones.
Added to that is a sound quality with a bass-heavy feel that some users prefer over all others.Nothing in Dr Dre's background suggested his name would become best known as a headphone brand.The earphones are designed to hook behind each ear and are connected by a cable that goes around the neck, with a button to take calls.We pay for your stories!Beats by Dre wireless headphones at Amazon for 149.99 on Prime Day buy now, mOST read IN tech porn scam, millions targeted by sick sextortion scam that has 'driven victims to suicide'.Bluetooth to link to your mobile device.Given that Beats by Dre are seen as a premium brand, it's encouraging to see such a hefty discount.Like most quality headphones, these cans will let you take calls and control your music using on-ear controls.And because they're built by Apple, you'll also be able to activate Siri and ask questions all through the headphones.
There's a Pill app available which allows for further adjustment of sound, to listeners' individual tastes.
Android, Beats by Dre's earphones are, once again, optimised for use with iOS devices.Has all the big-muscle backing of the Apple empire.A choice for serious listening.All of that said, and chosen in a low-key colour, Beats by Dre products easily transcend their fashion image and are an increasingly credible choice for their audio quality alone.Since the takeover of the company by Apple, wireless Beats by Dre products have been optimised for the iOS platform.