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Senior Account Manager, designer, senior Account Director, executive Creative Director.
Please include at least one social/website link containing a recent photo of the actor.It makes money when people transfer their credit card reward points to Velocity and then use them for flights.Group Creative Director, managing Director, copywriter, director of Experience (Media).Lookalike modelling was applied to high-value cohorts and budget directed to cultivate established customer relationships - increasing propensity for high-value conversions.The mini-series was viewed 7,333,290 times against an eligible audience of 2,600,000.Turning an everyday errand into another reason to ride.Problem was, not enough people trusted that Velocity was the best place for their points.We follow Velocitys employees as they go from denial, what points?, to realisation Were going to need more planes.To help target non-transferring members and delivered new-member growth, we built an addressable audience across Facebook-3.4M and DBM-1.2M to predict conversion likelihood and refined owned contact strategies creating bespoke messaging across all channels.
Celebrating the best of Australian film advertising.
The implications of these high value Points flooding the market was contextualised with executions, thats something like 100,000 upgrades!
Clemenger bbdo Melbourne, the Monkeys, the Monkeys, cummins and Partners Melbourne.Consumers were then driven to a fully-responsive online microsite containing a purpose-built Points calculator.Velocitys first-party customer database was dissected into nine identifiable cohorts.Submissions should come only from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency.The mistake also made its way onto in-flight announcements, influencer sites, breakfast TV, radio, outdoor and even Linkedin, where Tim (the intern who sent the initial email) searched for a new job ultimately resulting in his promotion mail order mystery discount code to Brand Architect.So, we made a mistake by accidentally adding 999 million points to The Million Point Giveaway creating The Billion Point (that was supposed to be the million point) Giveaway and then sent it to half of Australia.

After a series of controversial big brand mistakes that have recently made headlines around the world, Velocity, the Frequent Flyer program of Virgin Australia, is proving a point about the responsibility brands owe their customers by accidently giving away a billion Points, and honouring.
People entered in the amount of points they wanted to transfer, then a result told them how big their share of points was and where they could go with them).