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While this will be done in secure manner by the supplier Personnel, neither the supplier nor the supplier Personnel shall be responsible for the medication or the administering thereof.This may include the Australian Consumer Law which contains guarantees that protect the purchasers of goods and services in certain circumstances.Climbers will be provided with a locker for storage of personal belongings.Gift certificates.1 Gift Certificates are sold for a specific product or range of products.6.4 Climber agrees that the supplier may inspect bags, containers or any other items brought onto the suppliers premises.The hotel or concierge shall enter all reasonable information about hotel guests (as is applicable) against each reservation made.
The Climber acknowledges that his/her health, ability and conduct will affect such risks.
We endeavour to ensure that the information on this site is current and accurate but you should confirm any information with the product or service provider and read the information they can provide.
Photographs AND other AND other image OR sound capture devices.1 Photographs obtained from the supplier remain copyright to the supplier and may only be used or reproduced by the purchaser or recipient for private or domestic purposes and must not be used for any.These Terms, along with the Climber Declaration and Disclaimer Form and all health and safety information provided to persons who take part in Climbs (Climbers) comprise the Agreement between the supplier and the Climber or any other person acquiring a product or service from the.Get Deal, save Now: Build it Bridge for.95.Climbs and Gift Certificates, rights or entitlements to Climbs and Gift Certificates, or to purchase Climbs and Gift Certificates must not be offered as prizes, offered for sale or resale, or resold or used for any commercial purpose (including without limitation promotion of any supplier.6.2 Climbers agree that the supplier and its authorised sub-contractors have the authority to use and reproduce any photograph taken of Climber for any disclosed purpose including display and purchase by or on behalf of Climbers, without prior notice or payment of compensation to Climber.If the Climber does not agree with any of the matters set out in this Agreement (including in the Form that Climber must not purchase a Climb.ABN for the provision of general insurance products.Climber also agrees that if an unauthorised image or sound capture device is taken onto the Bridge then the supplier may remove or delete any images, sound or any other material from the device that pertains to the Bridge or the supplier.Every three Climbers between the ages of 8 and 15 inclusive climbing together must be accompanied by one paying adult Climber.

The supplier will reimburse the price paid for a Climb if a person is refused participation in a Climb for any reason other than by reason of breach of clause.4 below.
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