buy money order with prepaid gift card

While I didnt have too many MasterCard gift cards and could have easily liquidated them through other means, the fact that this experiment worked is a relief.
Resource How to Liquidate Visa/MC Gift Cards.Discounts can often wipe out the purchase fee for these cards and allow the purchaser to make a modest profit.The process is as follows: Using your New Credit Card, purchase 2 500 Visa Debit Cards AKA Vanilla Reload physician assistant gift ideas Cards at CVS or wherever you can find them.Be sure you buy the highest Value GC, and NOT this one for 100!One of the most popular ways to manufacture spend (i.e.NO variety or design of visa or MC Gebit's will ever auto-drain at Walmart so always tell them the amount you want to pay per card.You want 500 cards only, or 300 if they dont exist in your city.PINs do not need to be set beforehand with these cards.Billers like utilities who normally accept credit cards for payments, will often accept them as well.Make your Purchase Amount 500 (Cost of Money Order) to completely liquidate the VCG.I wanted to provide this update in case youre having a similar issue.
Paypal allows you to use prepaid gift cards for purchases and most retailers will allow you to pay with them online or in-store.So I took Ricardos jeopardy christmas gifts advice and used three Visa gift cards, sense monitor discount swiping the MasterCard last.DO NOT work - Any.Not a bad trade off for the peace of mind / not having to find unnecessary expenses to pay down in 3 months.Sometimes your card wont activate properly, sometimes the cashier is pressing the wrong button, etc.Paypal Allows Prepaid Gift Cards for Payment Services like Paypal and others allow people to send money to each other for a fee which normally equates to about.