can hillary win michigan

(Well take up that topic up at more length in a future article in this series.) But Clinton had actually slipped by a percentage point or so in polls since the we are vertigo promo code final debate on Oct.
The article that led The New York Timess website the morning after the election did not mention, comey or FBI even once a bizarre development considering the dramatic headlines that the Times had given to the letter while the campaign was michael todd promo code 2016 underway.She was riding high in the polls, even seeing an improvement on trustworthiness.It was a discrete event that came late in the campaign and had a direct effect on the polls.Her leads in Florida and North Carolina were narrow, and she was only tied with Trump in Ohio and Iowa.In an element of tabloid flair, it was soon reported that the emails in question were found on a computer owned by Anthony Weiner, the former congressman, as part of an investigation into whether hed sent sexually explicit messages to teenage girls.The bankers own the House, and it is said that the House always wins.She actually overperformed him by one point with those over.Still, because Clinton lost.I call this the Little Comey case sure, the Comey letter mattered, but only because the election was so close.Megyn Kelly Trumps Hollywood star vandalized 27 Trump campaign palace intrigue Trump campaign palace intrigue 28 Oregon/Ammon Bundy standoff Comey letter/Clinton emails 29 Comey letter/Clinton emails Comey letter/Clinton emails 30 Comey letter/Clinton emails Comey letter/Clinton emails 31 Comey letter/Clinton emails Comey letter/Clinton emails Nov.
2.1 -1.1.9 308 Arizona -3.5 -2.5.5 319 North Carolina -3.7 -2.7.3 334 Georgia -5.1 -4.1 -1.1 350 Ohio -8.1 -7.1 -4.1 368 Texas -9.0 -8.0 -5.0 406 Iowa -9.4 -8.4 -5.4 412 Even a small jack daniels birthday gift ideas Comey effect could have cost Clinton the.Where the campaign needed to win upward of 60 percent of young voters, it was able to garner something in the high 50s at the end of the day, Mook said.So when someone like Martin Sorrell signals it doesnt matter who the Republicans nominate because Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President of the United States regardless, it is a prediction/threat that should be taken very seriously.DAAs AppChoices app here.And we know that previous email-related stories had caused trouble for Clinton in the polls.But the medias choices as a whole potentially mattered, and the tone of campaign coverage shifted substantially just as voters were going to the polls.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.News had hardly spread when exasperated Democrats and donors were ruefully dredging up painful memories of the seemingly constant tug of congressional investigations on Bill Clintons White House.To avoid personalized advertising based on your mobile app activity, you can install the.She had banked too much of a lead in early voting, the story said, and it came too late in the campaign.