college survival kit graduation gift

Crazy little projects TV, you know I love cute gift ideas, and these ones are just perfection!
Caps and gowns and diplomas and parties.
Take a paint can and customize the outside with patterned cardstock that fits your graduates new alma mater.
You can also add a few decorations to the dock to give it a personal touch.These airy tote bags are especially great for summer months.To will i win the lottery quiz make the bracelet, use a leather cord, a few different colored paints, and a bead to hold the bracelet together.Its an exciting time of life and its fun to wish the graduates best of luck in their future endeavors.Then, decorate the outsides of the letters with sparkly sequins.All youll need are some round river rocks, a few mini pots and green and white paint.Bonus points if you pre-fill the gift with quarters for your graduate.
If you arent crafty, but still want a gift that is completely custom, this is perfect gift idea that you can create on Shutterfly.Follow the checklist, and place all of the items in a pretty basket.What else would you add to a Freshman College Survival Kit?This cute gift is simple to make and very useful for a student getting ready for college how to win friends and influence nazis dorm bathrooms.From band aids to peroxide, this DIY graduation gift is sure to come in handy.Young adults dont often have too much money lying around, which is why this re-fillable cup is great for iced coffees and teas from the house.They wont even have to smash open the piggy bank to get to the coins insidesimply unscrew the top and dig.A booklet that tells a student how to wash clothes?Remember space is limited and its good to have items that serve multiple functions.It can be difficult to come up with original present ideasyou dont want to just hand the graduate a check or a copy of Oh, the Places Youll.

Youll feel like MacGyver as you create this travel kit out of nothing but a washcloth and some ribbon.
This one of a kind dorm package includes all the items you'll need throughout the semester away at college.
If your graduate needs a bit of everything, this is one of our very favorite DIY graduation gifts.