cool steampunk gifts

Make your day more interesting with the USB Pet Rock.
Cool Fun Calculator Math Pi Number Digits iPhone 6/6s Wallet Case.95 Some teacher gifts tend to be a bit pointless, after all, there are only so many cutesy photo frames one person can find a home for. .
It has openings at the shoulders and bottom, so you can either keep everything cozy like a sleeping bag, or free your arms and legs for added mobility.Theyre great for winter sports, camping, travel, and other cold weather activities.Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses Match beauty and function with a set of tequila glasses carved from high quality, food grade Himalayan salt.OCD Cutting Board Satisfy your OCD with this unique kitchen tool.Makey Makey Invention Kit, add the words Make and Key, and what do you get?Also available in the UK and Australia.Koziol Cheese Grater Add some character to your kitchen with this unique cheese grater.Its a multi-use one-piece garment that features high quality fabric, a large hood with drawstrings, front pockets, and zipper closure.Ballpark Blueprints, if diamonds are a girls best friend, then baseball diamonds are a mans best friend.
Also available in the, uK and.
Chalkboard Mug Great ideas often start after the first cup of coffee.
Titanium Spork The end all be all eating utensil is the titanium spork.If theres a special teacher, tutor, or instructor in your childs life, then why not show your appreciation with one of these cool, quirky gifts. .The practicality of this iPhone 6 case will be appreciated though. .Its great for combo snacks like milk and cookies, hot chocolate and marshmallows, or coffee and chocolate.Civet Coffee is a rare and exclusive blendthat boasts atempting chocolaty flavor that begs to be savored.Shark Whiskey Whiskey is the ultimate mans drink, and Velocirator.Simple 30 day return policy.If you know a math teacher who fits this description, then what better gift than discount baby bags this geeky bath mat to dry their toes after a morning shower? .