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If you wish to broadcast the tournament on your channel, please send us an application.
50 Invites Vardu - Alvar Dürr, Helsinki reds Zumpp - Sauli Rinta-aho, Helsinki reds Janetzky - Aho Janne, Helsinki reds Threat - Mikael Backman, Z Kufdon - Antti Lammi, ence Creapz - Mika Tuovila, ence NoRage - Robin Sjölund, Nordavind Maur1 - Mauri Hartikainen, Team.50) for the operation of remote gambling.1,500, invites, hAVU, champion of 2017 ottoNd - Otto Sihvo sAw - Eetu Saha sLowi - Olli Pitkänen Juho - Juho Lampinen zehN - Jesse Linjala Qualified ence - Winner of Vectorama 2018 allu - Aleksi Jalli Aleksib - Aleksi Virolainen sergej - Jere Salo.You can modify the settings and obtain further information in our.Qualifier #1 - Tuesday, July 3, 19:00 eest - Top three advances Qualifier #2 - Wednesday, July 4, 19:00 eest - Top three advances Prizes 2,000 is divided among the top four as follows:.This time the asus area will get even more action as it will feature the ROG Tournament StarCraft II Finnish Championship 2018 event.A stream with live commentary wil be produced on-site next to the competitors bringing the tournament atmosphere for the online viewers as well.Broadcast talent Juha " Divinesia " Nurmenniemi - Commentator Samuli " elfi " Sihvonen - Commentator Schedule norlan discount code Friday, August 3, 2018 12:00 eest - Group A, Match 1, bo3 13:00 eest - Group A, Match 2, bo3 14:00 eest - Group A, Winners, bo3 15:00 eest - Group A, Losers, bo3.
Open Qualifier #1 - Saturday, June 30, 14:00 eest - Winner advances to Closed Qualifier.We are happy to announce that asus ROG returns to Assembly Summer on August 2-4, 2018 with three tournaments designed to crown the official national champions and reward the winners with a share of the 15,000 combined prize purse.StarCraft II Dates : Fri, 3 August - Sat, 4 August, 2018 Place : Helsinki Exhibition Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland Players : 8 Prize pool : 2,000 EUR Format : GSL Group Stage (bo3) Single Elimination Playoffs (bo5) Streams : Finnish partner streams Participation :Invites qualifiers, Finnish.The winners of the open qualifiers will advance to the closed qualifier, where they will meet two invited teams and play for the two spots in the main tournament.CS:GO is the most followed esport in Finland and as such it deserves a sizable arena to accommodate the crowds.Hearthstone Dates : Fri, 3 August - Sat, 4 August, 2018 Place : Helsinki Exhibition Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland Players : 32 Prize pool : 2,000 EUR Format : Swiss Group Stage Double Elimination Playoffs (bo5) Matches : Last Hero Standing (bo5) with 1 ban Streams : Finnish.Each player is required to have a valid eSM licence.