Holly Hunter (with her second/third nominations and first Oscar win) won the Best Actress Oscar for her dialogue-less performance as the 19th century mute (since childhood) and mail-order bride Ada McGrath - the erotic, Scottish woman and gifted pianist in The Piano.
Splash (1984) (Rank: 11 a massive hit that essentially launched the film careers of Hanks, Daryl Hannah, and Ron Howard, Splash is funny and sharp, particularly when it takes its fish-out-of-water premise literally and lets Hannahs mermaid try to interact with mid-80s New York City.
Watch at your own peril.The three kids lit out of the house, off the porch, down the steps, under the low-hanging limbs of the sycamore, and across the lawn.Apples would do the trick, Trennelle.Sun-Times went her way, the phone call she saw coming the night her parents were hit by a drunk driver.Available to rent on: Amazon, iTunes, Vudu A Hologram for the King (2016) (Rank: 23) Hanks provides some pathos to his role as a washed-up American businessman trying to close a deal in Saudi Arabia, but A Hologram for the King cant escape the fact.In that nanosecond Bette knew her marriage with Bob had gone from just fine to over.All four of the year's acting winners were first-time Academy Award winners.Follow them on Twitter @griersonleitch or visit their site.!interactive-lists( "qid "tom-hands-10312016 "tag "Tom Hanks "listType "top3 "listStyle "italic "listHeader "The Vulture Reader Ranking of Tom Hanks Movies "picks "editorPicks "A Hologram for a King "A League of Their Own "Angels and Demons "Apollo.Hanks is the young, cool cop contrasting with Dan Aykroyds Joe Friday impression, and he has as much fun as you can in a silly movie in which Aykroyd considers himself the star.They were the first nominees to compete against each other in both the Actress and Supporting Actress categories, in the same year: Because Emma Thompson lost both Oscars in the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress categories, she shares the same dubious 'achievement' with actress.Yes, maam, said either Keyshawn or Trennelle.
The one-joke premise is that the dream house Hanks and Long have bought is falling gift ideas for friends pinterest apart, and the movie keeps trying to find new ways to make that exact point, with diminishing results.Hes scared, as would anyone be in that situation.It goes without saying that theres never a bad time to watch.Available with subscription on Netflix; to rent on: Amazon, iTunes, Vudu The Polar Express (2004) (Rank: 31) Amazingly, this is one of two movies in which Hanks plays six characters.He would get much better at finding the balance.