did u of m win last night

Heavy criticism of Fesler's play calling led to his resignation and the hiring of Woody Hayes as his successor.
The contest was the first in the famous "Ten-Year War" between Hayes and Schembechler, which pitted jerwood applied arts prize some of OSU's and UM's strongest teams against one another.
Spearheaded by the play of eventual Heisman winner Charles Woodson, who ran a punt back for a touchdown, intercepted a pass in the Ohio State end zone, and caught a 37-yard pass that set up freshman running back Anthony Thomas ' touchdown run, the Wolverines.Michigan coach John Beilein on twice getting to the national title game and the Big Ten's lengthy drought without a championship: "This is a referee's call, this is the ball bouncing the right way.AP Photo/Tony Ding 98d, michigan coach John Beilein has agreed to a contract extension with the Wolverines through the 2022-23 season.Big Ten Conference championship between themselves on 22 different occasions, and have affected the determination of the conference title an additional 27 times.Big 12 commissioner says he hasn't talked to Self about recruiting allegations.Date Location Winner Score 59 1962 Columbus Ohio State Ann Arbor Ohio State Columbus Michigan 6) Ann Arbor Ohio State Columbus Michigan Ann Arbor Ohio State Columbus Ohio State 2) Ann Arbor Michigan 12) Columbus Ohio State 5) Ann Arbor Michigan 3) Columbus Ohio State.The 2016 game pitted the third-ranked Wolverines against the second-ranked Buckeyes, only the second time that the matchup featured programs both ranked in the nation's top three.
Michigan and Ohio State were both placed in the East Division.Kentucky is now making a real push.Michigan won the three games from 1938 to 1940.Brett Rojo/USA today Sports 14dMyron Medcalf, tom Izzo and the Spartans should have a big season despite major roster changes.The game was ranked.THE MAP: I have an interactive map of where everyones coming from.22 Following the game, there was a chance of a rematch in the 2007 BCS National Championship Game, but Florida was chosen over Michigan to be Ohio State's opponent.Andrew Peski is out on defense.Audio on 103.3 Cat Country, iHeartRadio and.There's no denying that the Stanford graduate transfer puts the Wildcats over the top.

During the mid-2000s, espn aired several commercials describing certain situations that would be "normal, if it wasn't for sports".
After the game, Bo Schembechler told Bruce, "I always mind losing to Ohio State but I didn't mind so much today.", the series stood at 46335 in favor.
"Rolled back: Tide below.5s".