We expected higher prices, but the website showed per-tire prices comparable to the other retailers we checked.
However, that is changing.
Most retailers will have adequate stocks of popular sizesDiscount Tire, for instance, stocks around 3,000 tires and wheels in each storewhich means tires often can be installed right away, or sourced from a nearby branch.You should also factor in the convenience and time savings of having the tires changed while the car is already in the shop for other maintenance.If you are looking for ones like the ones on my car, its worth getting a" from your local dealership.The sites Tire Decision Guide only narrowed the selection down to 68 recommended choices.We advise you to begin shopping when your tires still have some tread left, typically 4/32" of tread depthabout the distance between George Washington's head on a quarter to the edge of the coin.As with all types of independent businesses, quality can vary widely.Every Firestone Complete Auto Care store claims to have at least one staff technician certified by Automotive Service Excellencethe nonprofit organization that aims to improve the skills of mechanics through training and certification.Like most tire retailers, Walmart offers a large variety of brands, nearly all of which come from well-known manufacturers.Tires seem like a strange thing to buy loews royal pacific resort aaa discount online, and the process can be confusing.So how do you decide?But the process is best suited for those willing to learn about tires and do their own research.
Many automotive brands franchise contracts require their dealers to get their OE replacement tires from this distribution chainwhich might limit your choices.
A great place to start is our tires buying guide and, consumer Reports' own tire reviews.
Interestingly, the installation cost for tires purchased at the Firestone store was nearly 30 more than if we bought our tires from Tire Rack and had them shipped to the Firestone store for installation.Compared to a general automotive service center that offers an array of repairs, counter staff at tire-specific outlets will have more specific experience with tires.Discount Tire also has house brands, reasonably priced tires that are made by major manufacturers and rebranded for the chains exclusive use.Thats the time to call or visit your favorite tire store to see that it hasor will be able to getthe tire you want.Discount Tire also has in-store displays that help to educate consumers on tire attributes they should consider when buying a tire.But sites such as m and m try to help make the process smoother.Having that extra time to research and shop is a better alternative than rushing to get your bald tires replaced with whatever the store might have on hand.Its installers have the benefit of experience because all they do, day in and day out, is install tires.For instance, after entering our cars year, make and model, m presented a long list of potential tiresover 80 choices for our Honda.But this also means dealers get a sweet deal when buying in bulk, and they can pass those savings along to you.

Costco and Sears also offer house brand tiresexclusive brands that are manufactured by other companies.
(Check our tire brand guides for.