His gratefulness and generosity still speak to us today, but a historical description of what Jacob gave doesnt support the idea that all believers must give God a tenth of their income.
We may not live in agricultural society any more, but the concept of firstfruits still applies.
The earthly Jerusalem is no longer central in Gods purposes (Gal.It related to the Jews as a nationto Jews who lived in the land of promise.This much I know: you can never give more than God our heavenly Father gives back.Tithes and offerings is often treated as one type of giving.He used tithing and sacrifices as illustrations when addressing his contemporaries.When we bring our first and best back to God, He promises to bless the rest.
We can all give out of our abundance of blessings.
Can I designate my tithe?
Why Tithing Is Not Required Today, there are seven decisive reasons for saying Christians are not required to tithe.Still, I would argue tithing isnt required or even encouraged for believers in Jesus Christ.The bible says don't let your left hand know what the right is doing.Do I need to go into debt to tithe?And even if we use these distinctions, tithing is clearly not part of the moral law.After all, Matthew 6:24 (ESV) tells us, No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.Yet these divisions, I would observe, are not the basis Paul silver gifts london uses when addressing how the law applies to us today.If you receive someone elses money for you to use for a certain reason, is that something you shouldnt tithe twenty anniversary gift ideas on?An offering is any money you choose to give above and beyond the tithe.Knowing the difference in tithes and offerings will free you up to cheerfully give the right amount at the right time.

Nowhere is tithing mentioned when commands to give generously are found in the New Testament.
Now, you have a lot more freedom as to where you can give your offering than you do with your tithe.
Adhere to a proper tone and spirit of love and understanding.