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Punch a hole in the top of the instructions, and thread a piece of ribbon or twine (long enough to go around the jar) through the tag and a cookie cutter.You could also include a card. Ava and I had fun shopping for all pink items to put in our bags. They read Thank you for helping Ava bloom!Get the free printable Seed Packet Envelope.Again easy and super fun!To finish it off, punch a hole into the top of the envelope and tie it onto the gift.Please sign up for my newsletter to receive weekly DIY ideas.Snow Days here for my liking lately.Ice Cream Sundaes in a Tin.
I started by picking out my containers.
Baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder and a pinch of salt in a bowl.Christmas Baking Kit : This would be a fun gift for your neighbor or for the baker on your list!I hope they were helpful and inspired you as you prepare for Christmas giving this year.Here are some new ones for 2015: Moms Day Off in a Tin.Weve also had several feet of snow recently, plus some freezing rain to top it all off.Next I added a few foot and nail care items that I picked up inexpensively.Coffee Lover Survival Kit, spa Day in a Tin, christmas Baking Kit. Theyre really easy to put together, and Im including a free printable for the envelopes that not only hold a seed packet, but are a great 6 year anniversary traditional gift place to stash a gift card if you want to throw in a little extra.My posts are partying at these fun.We promise not to spam you or share your information.

We have had far too many.
 My first stop (and always a favorite place to find bargains) was my local dollar store.
 I am always looking for ideas for the future.