Its unclear at this moment, as the feature hasnt been officially released yet.
Will iPhone players be able to use Promo Codes?
But dont do it anyway, just in case.What Pokémon GO promo codes look like?Read more about our cookie policy.First of all, there has been no confirmation that Legendary Pokémon will be obtainable with promo codes!It is quite possible that they will get one or two promo codes before Niantic solves this problem.Why are promo codes not available on iOS?Just heads up, if you were a PTC user, log into that account and claim the code.The theory for this is that many of the active players that received this email linked their accounts to Facebook when the feature became available.Please do not report bugs/glitches.There is no such thing as your Pokémon GO promo code.However, there are some unique Ingress codes in existence that last for a very long time!
Pokémon GO will use real location information to encourage players to search far and wide in the real world to discover Pokémon.
Almost guessed that one?Ingress iOS players use a special website to redeem Ingress promo codes.They stopped using istock com promo code the old login method, so the system considers them as inactive and sends them an email.Promo Codes are created by Niantic and handed out by Niantic.How to get Legendary Promo Codes?If you do want to do this, we highly recommend to switch login methods now and wait for that email which is supposed to come in about two weeks.One of these events is to take place during the Summer of 2017, as confirmed by Niantic Japan.