Our 4-in-1 prosthetics come with a bendable rod that is used to keep the prosthetic if you win publishers clearing house erect.
Are your prosthetics safe for sex?We do not hearthstone twitch prime rewards have a system in place at this time to alert you to which stage your prosthetic is at, but we hope to be able to provide this service in the future.We recommend choosing a shade or two darker than your overall skin tone, as cis male genitalia is typically darker than overall skin tone. These forms, by law, must list the items ordered, and they must reflect the actual value of the items.What color do I choose?All of our prosthetics are measured accurately, and have their dimensions listed in each product description.
Please refrain from purchasing a Paint Plus Upgrade with these items.Many countries have Customs fees and regulations steyr ssg 04 300 win mag review that international customers are expected to abide.We cannot accept returns for this reason, as it is considered a health code violation.What kind of payments do you accept?It may peel or fade with time, due to: rough use, tight clothing, inadequate washing, etc.Customers should take this into consideration before purchasing.A note to our customers in Mexico: Prosthetics and merchandise shipped to Mexico may require additional documentation from you, or be subject to specific Customs regulations in that country.If your order does not say "Comes with paint" or "Pre-painted" it will come in a flat color.

From there, we will take the next corrective course of action. .