The Giving Campaign was in charge of the "Gift Aid" brand, a brand which is buy prepaid visa with gift card still used to this day despite closing in 2004.
To help us take advantage of Gift Aid, download the registration form below, fill it in and bring it with your donation to your local Marie Curie Shop. .
Are you a UK taxpayer?This would help send more did ed sheeran win x factor nurses into patients' homes to provide them with the care that they need.Higher rate taxpayers, whether you are paying tax at the higher rate of 40 percent, or at the lower rate of 10 percent, MSF still benefits from an extra 25 pence for every pound given.The tax reclaimed through Gift Aid will be used to help fund heart UKs work. .The tax paid by the donor may be Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax or tax credits on UK company dividends.This threshold was successively reduced in April 2000 when the policy was substantially revised and the minimum donation limit removed entirely.If the charity does not reclaim the tax this money stays with The Treasury.Please let us know if your name or address details change so we can update our records.
You can opt in to a separate Gift Aid scheme when you donate items to our charity shops too.Non-UK taxpayers can make donations.Gift Aid can be claimed on individual and sponsorship donations made to Marie Curie.Your donations will qualify as long as theyre not more than 4 times what you have paid in tax in that tax year (6 April to 5 April).You must pay at least the same amount of tax as the MSF will reclaim in Gift Aid in any tax year.Any cash donations that the taxpayer makes to the charity after making a declaration are treated as being made after deduction of income tax at the basic rate (20 in 2011 and the charity can reclaim the basic rate income tax paid on the gift.Although all income tax paid by the higher-rate taxpayer is refunded, the way this is implemented has the effect of making the cost of the donation smaller than the higher-rate taxpayer may have intended as the following example illustrates: 125.00 total received by charity 125.00.If the taxpayer incorrectly makes a declaration, the charity is still able to reclaim the tax that should have been paid on the gift.

It does not apply to activities where an entry fee has been charged or where people have entered a competition.
Have to fill in a self-assessment tax return form each year.