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Garp The Second Wind of the aspen prize 2017 Cuckold.S.
Oma's Commentary, by Oma - a book so old that only a fragment survives and which is so old that it can't be dated.
In 103 New World Sites: A Compendium of the Obtuse Try and Catch God before God ACTs.Within) a work of fiction.In Settling Accounts: In at the Death : Equality by General Irving Morrell,.S.John Clarke The Heart is Highland.Most read in world news, where IS SHE?Stephen Maturin Tractatus de Novae Febris Ingressu.The Foot Lectures by Professor Tarsus A History of Reading Inside the Guild of Detectives Motoring Into Oblivion.
"Merlinus Politicus, humbly offered, for the use of inquiring men", by Philomathes - (writer's real name unknown).Alia, Huntress of a Billion Worlds by Pander Oulson A Child's History of Muad' Dib by Princess Irulan Analysis: The Arrakeen Crisis by Princess Irulan Arrakis Awakening by Princess Irulan Collected Legends of Arrakis by Princess Irulan Collected Sayings of Muad' Dib by Princess Irulan.Schmeaux Daughters of the Night: Clitoral Hegemony in LeFanu's Carmilla by Victoria Victorinix Rhythm and Metonomy in Coleridge's Christobel by Victoria Victorinix In Publish and Perish : The Barbecued God: Death of a Yorkshireman by Joseph Brody The Missionary Position: The Franciscan Construction of Rapanui.Army How I Blew Up Philadelphia by Brigadier General Clarence Potter,.S.Allan Sealy Ducks and Duck Breeding by an unknown author in The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford Dying Earth by Martin Silenus in Hyperion by Dan Simmons An Early Bath for Thompson.Cyprian Code Louis by unknown Dramatic Sermons by Parson Yorick Works invented by Peter Straub edit In The Hellfire Club : Night Journey by Hugo Driver In Ghost Story : The Nightwatcher by Donald Wanderly In Koko : The Divided Man by Tim Underhill Works.