Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase Community Address Jonathan Doyle 22nd June 2015 The people over at Arenanet have released a Community Address regarding the recent pre-purchase program for the Heart Of Thorns.
Shannon Doyle 27th September 2018, in this week's MMO Money, Guild Wars 2 is no longer selling gems in Belgium and China has blocked Twitch from most parts of the country.
Obtained by doing the Frozen Maw meta event.Guild Wars 2 Releases a Trailer for Season 3s Finale Chris Hughes 18th July 2017 "One Path Ends the Guild Wars 2 season finale, gets some more details as well as a cinematic trailer ahead of the content's release.NCSoft Q4 2016: Lineage Up, Guild Wars 2 Down, WildStar Disappears Chris Hughes 7th February 2017 1 Comment The NCSoft Q4 2016 anuradha roy booker prize report shows overall profits up, with Lineage performing strong, Guild Wars 2 continuing its slide, and WildStar no longer reported.Tyrian Chronicle: Living World in Heart of Thorns Jonathan Doyle 11th February 2016 Jonathan takes a look ahead at the living world of Tyria and where the story might go, and what will always hold it back.The Tyrian Chronicle: 3 Events Arenanet Should Bring Back Shannon Doyle 29th June 2017 9 Comments While Guild Wars 2 has tons of fun in-game events, here are three we believe they should bring back: Dragon Bash, Queen's Gauntlet and Labyrinthine Cliffs.Blogger Bonanza: Survey Says MMO Games 11th September 2015 Columnist Murf surveyed mmo bloggers to find out more about them while the community discusses ffxiv, Guild Wars 2, swtor and more.Top MMO News March 1, 2016 Nick Shively 1st March 2016 Top MMO news March 1, 2016 mainly consists of eSports coverage as Blizzard is ramping up for the StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm Global Championships.Double click the Offering Baskets once you have the right amount of materials in your inventory to make the Offerings to Koda.
GuildWars 2 Goes On Sale For.99USD MMO Games 22nd January 2015 ArenaNet will be making an appearance at PAX South this year.
Guild Wars 2 Wants Your Input on Guild Housing MMO Games 3rd October 2014 Guild Wars 2 developer, Arena Net hints at player housing.What is Next For MMOs?The Tyrian Chronicle: Happy Two Year Anniversary!The Tyrian Chronicle: Statistically Speaking, This is Rather Rare Shannon Doyle 25th do teachers get childcare vouchers January 2018 In this week's Tyrian Chronicle, Shannon combs through the new GW2Efficiency tool that covers some fascinating Guild Wars 2 statistics on popular weapon skins and achievements.Guild Wars 2 Reveals the Scrapper MMO Games 16th September 2015 m just got an exclusive look at the Engineer's elite specialization for Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns: the Scrapper.Click to read more.Make sure to consume the offering when you are looting the chest.This is a work in progress.

Does Raiding Belong in Guild Wars 2?
Gathering Gets Glyphs in Guild Wars 2 Chris Hughes 10th April 2018 New Glyph items and other adjustments to Guild Wars 2 gathering are on the way to let players further customize their gathering tools.