I could relate to Clarks Christmas gift backlash but with Rick Perry in mind.
This amounts to about 400 million in cash available to these commercial and industrial customers that goes right to their bottom line.This is big news because large commercial and industrial customers have spent billions of dollars on energy efficiency projects that have amounted to thousands of MWs of permanent load reduction, all of which can now be download avg for win xp monetized if the energy efficiency measure a).Share to: Answered, in "The gift that keeps on giving." An old advertising slogan of uncertainorigin This familiar ad slogan has been used for various products byvarious companies since the early 1900s.Its that time of the year!As my family cozied up in front of our favorite holiday movie, I was feeling like the ferc handwringing on grid resiliency was going to be a bit like Clark Griswold getting the Jello of the Month Club Membership for his annual Christmas bonus.In fact, it was trademarked for thatpurpose in 1925.2010, Michael Salvatore, Between Boyfriends, page 184: You gave me the gift that keeps on giving!M, categories, business Finance, business and Industry, marketing Advertising and Sales.Or you might be thinking of "Mother Nature's Monthly Gift.Use a tissue or your going to have an issue.Jump to navigation, jump to search, noun edit gift that keeps on giving ( plural gifts that keep on giving ) (.
Less energy, more cash.Because it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.Good on you, AEE!In recent decades, the phrase has become a clichà that's often usedfor humorous effect.Share to: Gift-giving is a great way to let people know you are thinkingabout them and want them to be happy.This is granted to ferc in the Federal Power Act, sometimes to the chagrin of states jurisdiction over retail energy.If ferc really wanted to make wholesale markets just and reasonable it would revoke its grant to rerras that allow them the right to opt-out of allowing demand response to come to market unencumbered.Gifts last forever-Durability/Theme 6 Everlasting Gifts-Remembrance Theme.