(Another all-time favorite gift Lynns received was a pair of kittens on Christmas morning when she was 8 years old.
Plus, who doesnt want training shorts covered in cupcakes, donuts and ice cream?
You could also throw in a WOD Welder Hand Care Kit.CrossFitters, weightlifters and bodybuilders love to film themselves working out.Whether theyre filming to share on social media or to review their technique, these flexible mini tripods with smartphone attachments are hairdressers birmingham student discount super handy at the gym.Unique wristbands, velites hand repairing balm, vhance cooling and warming lotions.This list is particularly oriented towards CrossFit athletes but most of these items would make any fitness lover just about as happy as can.CrossFit Holiday Gifts, skullBell, smartphone cases for CrossFit workouts, smartphone filming mount to video workouts with.We even offer free classes so you can try us out before you commit to a membership.Click on the links below to see all blog posts in this series!
While there are apps and digital notebooks to do this, I prefer pen and paper for recording.
If you have any friends that are CrossFit freaks, Im sure youve seen their training videos posted to Instagram!
Stance socks, the latest CrossFit trainers, tickets for the CrossFit Games 2018.If youre looking for something to go along with a good book, a subscription to the popular meditation app, Headspace would also be amazing.Find out what types of workouts they like and what type of gear and accessories they use (or might be useful for that activity).This trigger point massage back and neck massager is amazing too.A mobility gift pack would be a great gift to keep your fitness friends and fam feeling great and moving well.A yogi probably isnt going to like those compression running socks as much as your ultra-marathon-running cousin.Weighted vests are an awesome and evil training tool and those serious about improving their fintess and challenging themselves love to have one of these in their fitness toolbox.And remember that not everyone who loves to work out loves the same workouts.Maybe check with the recipient before gifting a pet, though ).So call us today to get started with your free class.