We gave this as a gift to our mother-in-law this year and she loved it (at least we think she did)!
If it were my brother (also in college I would probably include some Groupons that can be used on dates.Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?The week after Christmas I contacted the number on the Groupon to schedule my service, which the Groupon printout showed as Feb 29, 2012.Ladies Night Out (perfect for wives, sisters, mothers and friends).So here's my story.I was overjoyed to receive this - as I have a three year old, so my house is always in need of cleaning.
I scheduled my appointment for March.My brother surprised her with tickets to a concert she was wanting to go to, and dinner with her friends.This meant I was able to get my little sister a couple of Groupons without using much of my budget.Now, after this experience - I am furious that the company who is on record of the service isn't being punished for not honoring the Groupon service.Here's the kicker - Groupon offers the persons giving is get gift cards legit the gift the option to record this in thier system.