grandparent gift plaque

The little ones say it easy Pa Pa for grandfather.
They always have a smile on their faces when they call his name!
He knows me as his mommy.Glenda (FL) Dammms My grandson couldnt do the G sound so he called me Dammms which to him is Grams as his brother calls.Guerry Poppy Grandpa became Poppyno reason, but it stuck and I like.I told him durning the hippy movement.They now call me Grandma Michigan.More often, an infant or toddler decides what we will be called for the rest our lives.I believe it is English eventhough I am Irish I just love it!My husbands name is Joe, but we were calling him Poppy.A Abba- I wanted to come up with something different because there were a lot of grandmas around.I will soon become a grandma discount roper boots and anything my atorvastatin discount coupons grandchild calls me will be fine.Jean (jeanie) (FL) Grandma Honey Our lil Joey is living with us and he hears his paw paw call me honey so now I am known as Grandmaw Honey.
Dee Nonna To differentiate from Great grandma and other grandma(Nana) I, being Italian, love being called Nonna, but grandpa didnt like italian version of grandfather(Nonno) so he is Pop-Pop or Poo-Pop.Price.95 each - Shipping is free.The Token Collaborations team Who cares for MOM?Our oldest granddaughter called us Gampo and Gammo.Pamela (Clarksville, TN) Grandma-ish As a step great grandma who had never been called anything but Sandy before I wanted a nickname without stepping on the toes of theGrands.I wanted something different than what I had called my Gr-Grandparents and Granparents so we went back to the basics.Purchase a MOM tablet An exceptional gift: A taste of immortality for someone extraordinary.However, when she began to speak she decided my nickname would be Nana and my mother would be MeeMee.Christine Mi Ma My stepchildren call my mom Mi Ma, adding a touch of their native Spanish to her aleady existing nickname of MeeMaw.Sara Emily/now 12; Mike/8; Max/7.

Old!) Marie (FL) Truck My grandson always saw me in my work truck and his Mom would say Theres Grandpas truck.
Its a fun way for us to remember when he called us that Barb Tim (IA) Bakka My son tried to say grandpa, and got bakka it stuck and now hes 3 1/2.
How is information kept legible for 1 million years?