Chieftain Alex 16:27, (UTC) Oh wait, I made a mistake :P No I didn't use IDs but I used a template to put the links plus icon on the items.
Finally at level 13 Bears gain skill 3 and promo code for uworld Drakes unlock skill 1 and 3, thus unlocking all pet skills.The Active Kill Streak!External links edit Retrieved from " ".Unlike some other games, experience does not go solely to the first person to damage the creature, nor does it go solely to the person who did the most damage.If multiple achievement reward tiers are reached but not yet awarded, the rewards will be throttled to one reward per day.Skekzyz ( talk ) 16:45, 3 September 2015 (UTC) Table revamp edit While I liked the new general way amaretto di amore gift set the table looks, with that Stats column, and glad to see that starts are more spread over levels I wonder about a few things.Every time you reach each level from 2 to 80 a notification will appear to the right of the screen.Txon Atana - ( talk ) 14:45, 3 September 2015 (UTC) A few of us have been working on revamping the info here for a few months now, here m/wiki/Level_rewards/research.Experience Booster Experience Booster (masterwork) Heroic Booster is the default bonus experience, the remaining 100 requires killing foes to gain stacks of Active Kill Streak!The following are percentages used for various activities.R 01:10, 24 September 2015 (UTC) Thanks for the info.
Just did a run for a Black Lion Key and did not get the option to choose a dye.
Dr Ishmael 01:13, (UTC) Not sure if one of you guys (or someone else) changed something, but it's working fine for me now.I really don't remember.S - Txon Atana - ( talk ) 14:22, (UTC) Level rewards/research I'm going to screenshot every level I cross by, and try and document it on the subpage.Poke talk 22:39, 10 September 2014 (UTC) I just did a re-run, it looks like they give you a 1 Unidentified Dye wrlens coupon code 2014 and 1 Transmutation Charge, but in fact it's just information explaining them.Need : full info from lvl2 to 80 for each profession better formatting!Consumables, black Lion Boost, black Lion Booster 50 Available from Black Lion Chests 50 Experience Bonus Experience Booster (fine) Communal Boost Bonfire Kite Fortune Enchanted Reward Boost 50 Not available for purchase anymore, except for the Enchanted Reward Boost Killstreak Experience Booster Killstreak Experience Booster.Txon Atana - ( talk ) 18:49, 3 September 2015 (UTC) Another thing, is the stats always the same (with different amounts though) or is there some error?Karuro 10:06, 12 September 2014 (UTC oh just to mention an update: all items on your "need" list were done .If no tracks are available or selected, leveling past 80 will award.