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The headmaster took the senior (grammar-school) class, and Mr Morse took the next age group down, followed by Mrs Thomas and Miss Lewis, who taught the infant class.
All the other kids went to the local school, whereas I went to the Sacred Heart Convent in Fenham, getting the bus just outside the main gate.
We could not speak much to each other, but did everything together.
It had been rumoured that our intake was bound for the Far East, but with hostilities now at an end, mercifully we were spared this ordeal.We used to have rigging and sailing races in the harbour.Life in Moascar as I recall it seemed quite normal at the time.There is an airport at Fayid, and I think that this must have been the airport where we arrived and departed from.So every Friday thereafter, I used to attend the larger Verden bfes primary school, travelling 20 miles each way beside the post corporal in the 15-cwt unit postal truck.One could go into this building, have a paytm add money promo code generator coffee, or perhaps a meal, do a spot of shopping or buy your gifts, best gadget christmas gifts 2015 your postcards and suchlike.To give light cover, while the gentle whirring of the fan above sang its own melody, and the chorus outside didnt miss a beat.
Pictures: casemates barracks, gibraltar, the colourful old postcard seen below presents a view of Casemates Barracks, in Gibraltar, which dates from 1817.
Our main currency was bafvs (British Armed Forces Vouchers in denominations ranging from 6d to 10; limited access to Deutsche Marks was controlled, and we therefore rarely visited the shops in Rotenburg, where I was puzzled by their strange sausages and flashy, lightweight football boots.Today, all of this is in the care of Historic Scotland, and the restoration of the palace will be complete within a few months, with tapestries on the walls and the famous carved wooden heads on the ceilings.Many British army families lived in Klagenfurt while it was designated the headquarters of British Troops in Austria (BTA.e., from 1945 to 1955.He saw most of the major battles from then on in, and, amongst others, was at Cambrai, which was later to lead him to tanks and also the Somme.It is only roamans coupon codes may 2018 now, when I look back, that I realise that my experiences were rather unique for a seven-year-old.It was still relatively unusual for British families to drive out of Berlin rather than take the train, but under the right circumstances I think that these road transits were encouraged as a demonstration of the Allied right to.Left: Our family visiting Giza.Most married officers and sergeants owned a second-hand, pre-war, mid-range Mercedes or Opel car.Left: Sharing Christmas lunch with a German family at our house.I must be one of a number of young people who, in history lessons, learned three times about the Romans, without ever getting past Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain in.

The ships arrived battleships, destroyers, submarines and the harbour was crammed.
Left, below left and below right: The naafi shop at Lüneburg, Christmas 1957.
This school in Vienna was my seventh school in four years, so my early school memories are a bit blurred, and the only part of my schooling that I recall here is extra-curricular.