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You have to defeat the boss within five minutes.Guild Event Token payouts have been increased and are now more broadly available.Below is the list of every one ordered by CP, though bear in mind some creatures will be tougher than others regardless of that number, as well as ideal counter Pokemon as recommended by The Silph Road sub-Reddit (and subsequently updated in the following week.Herokiller, and read my first series, The Earthborn Trilogy, which is also on audiobook).A: We think.Weve intentionally scaled both quantity and quality as players move up the non-Heroic tiers, to fit gear rewards more closely with what players need.Like I recommended last week, if you have the time and ability, it would be a good idea to go to a city or more populated area so you can maximize the number of gyms you can hit in the three hour window.Rather, youll need to do 25 Zapdos raids in three hours to have an average shot at finding one, which is 1.Guilds who fall within this range should receive, over the long run, an appropriate quantity AND quality of gear rewards to enable them to get powerful enough to grow together a change from where raid rewards currently are, where players are essentially forced to push.Increase Rescaling of Guild Currency and Guild Event Token Payouts.If you need these, then face against them in lower tiers and capture them for yourself!
Q A, here are some questions we are expecting you may have along with their answers.
Tier 5 - Legendary, requires a large group of at least 10-12 players, depending on level.
Also, well be adding it to the calendar, but in the spirit of the Character Cadence post that.Upon it reaching zero, the Pokemon GO Raid Boss will appear.Q: Why havent you removed all challenge gear from all tiers?Again, I am wondering if Niantic may have bumped the shiny spawn rate after Articuno day, given that this is a different situation than Community Day, and its much harder to farm raids than wild spawns.As such, if you're struggling to beat the toughest creatures, fight their counters and capture them to help home smart home sweeps you out later.5) When the hour is up, all creatures originally assigned will return and the Gym will resume it's prior state.Increases vary by tier rank, but all players' rewards are up an average of 20, and #1-5 ranked players' rewards are up significantly more than that.Thats it for this week.Feedback from similarly flat Territory Battle gear rewards has been positive enough for us to feel confident that this is the right change.Today is yet another limited time offering.