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This is what an unsealed exterior door looks like with the blower door sucking air out of the house.
These air leaks made the walls cold, which meant the average temperature of the surfaces in the room, or mean radiant temperature, dropped.
A little foam should help, here is what those leaks look like: See the flared pattern?Take the Headache out of Moving.Andre arrived earlier than requested which was great!Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) True comfort is more than just thermal comfort.Book Now, Pay Later.Heres the rundown on IAQ.
I would not hesitate to hire him to do anything!
Energy Smart did a little low income weatherization work, and I was introduced to a product called a Snowjamber, which is a piece of weatherstripping attached to door stop trim.To see what the outside of my 1835 house looks like, take a look at this article about the couple of icicles I still get (yes, I embarass myself with radical transparency.).You could feel a strong draft coming through.Note the bottom of the door, though.These leaks have to be hit from the attic and are part of attic air sealing.I will definitely use Sweeps again and highly recommend it to friends and family.I may be able to do some strategic dense packing here, but to have this done by a contractor would cost far more than having it done right in the first place.Sweepers Get To Work, relax as Sweepers get the job done according to your instructions.

Unfortunately, the Snowjamber goes on the outside of the door, but door sweeps usually work better and dont get ripped off when they are on the inside of the door.
Handled my beast of a couch (not to mention everything else) in less than the time I expected, and with a 2nd story apartment that was no small feat, believe me!