how many seats did tony blair win in 1997

Its members are very conservative, very anti-Europe.
It won because its architects Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, Philip Gould and, alastair Campbell all paid attention to voters concerns and aspirations and shaped party policy to reflect and engage with them.
In the traditional moroccan gifts UK, we have a queen, and we dont appreciate presidential political leaders.May ignored the spirit of the law brought in by her own party and used its exceptions to call an election early.They were not, and nobody was checking.May was the only main political leader to skip a televised debate between the party leaders, and she annoyed interviewers with her mantra chanting.Note : 1997 represented a record number of Labour seats The turnout for this election was 71 the lowest for 62 years (1935) 120 female MPs were returned : 101 to Labour and 14 to the Tories 5 Asian and 4 African-British MPs were elected.In the 5 years from 1992 to 1995, the Tories lost 18 support among this group while Labour won 19 from this group.
There is something in this: Mr Blair converted Labour to economic liberalism just as David Cameron converted the Tories to social liberalism.It means, mother days gifts homemade as has happened, that a party can hold all the power even when it did not receive a majority of the votes.This is an increase of 2 from the 1987 election.That would have secured her as prime minister for at least five years, and probably for a second term, reaching into a decade.As with centrist and Remain Conservatives, they remain essentially unrepresented by the political system.The leader of Scotlands Conservative Party is gay and will soon marry her partner.In the past seven weeks or so, she ran what is universally agreed to have been a terrible campaign.She will be accused, correctly in this case, of not having a mandate and of carrying out an agenda that has been roundly rejected in an election.