There are five outposts of the restaurant in Lucis: Longwythe Rest Area, Coernix Station - Alstor, Cauthess Rest Area, Talepar Rest Area and, old Lestallum.
Looking for a way to get powerful equipment for Noctis and his friends in the early hours of Final Fantasy XV?Alessio cafe in Altissia.2 slots out of 3: Fills all orb tech bars by 50 3 slots out of 3: Completely fills all orb tech bars Treasure Chest Indicated by a gold treasure chest.The sixth, most costly version of Justice Monsters Five can be found in the.Heres a full list of all the prizes you can win.Investing a little time playing the Justice Monsters Five minigame at the Crows Nest and in Altissia will let you get some seriously OP items quickly.The games main objective is to shoot pinballs called orbs at enemies in the game and deplete their.Ffxv Justice Monsters Five 10 Gil Rewards List (PC) 2 Chests, potion 5 Chests, hi-Potion 10 Chests, elixir 15 Chests, hi-Elixir 20 Chests, garnet Bracelet (Strength 30) 25 Chests, carbon Bangle (Max HP 150) 30 Chests, amethyst Bracelet (Strength 35) 35 Chests.
2 slots out of 3: Reduces current HP of enemies by 20 3 slots out of 3: Reduces the current HP of enemies by 50 Tech Ready Indicated by three blue orbs and the words tech ready!
A charged orb can use one of three special properties: burst climb or pierce.2 slots out of 3: Restores 50 of HP to all orbs 3 slots out of 3: Restores 100 HP to all orbs Bonus Damage Indicated by a monster arm and the words bonus damage.Be mindful the weaknesses of different enemies to inflict maximum damage on them.This reward moderately restores HP to all orbs.You will lose the game once all four of your orbs are destroyed.Heal Orbs (moderate) emp voucher codes 2017 Indicated by a bulbous potion bottle icon.Looking for more ffxv info?Looking for powerful equipment for Noctis and his friends in the early hours of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition or Royal Edition?Number of Treasure Chests - Reward 5 - Hi-Potion 10 - Mega Phoenix 15 - Ruby Bracelet 20 - Platinum Bangle 25 - Emerald Bracelet 30 - Centurion Bangle 35 - Mystic Circlet 40 - Moogle Charm 45 - Legatus Bangle 50 - Blue Diamond.Justice Monsters Five Guide, justice Monsters Five is a popular pinball game in the world of Final Fantasy.

The super-deluxe JMF machine near Alessio in Altissia costs a whopping 10,000 Gil per game.
Bonus Description HP Up Indicated by a heart and the words HP UP!
You can also choose to use it in spellcrafting as it is one of the most potent catalysts in the game.