DoA Standard June 12, 2016 how to apply military discount at home depot online Name King of the Hill DoA Standard June 12, 2016 Name To Heal and Protect DoA Standard June 12, 2016 Name Happy Birthday!
Price 1 400 Description Horseshoe is a symbol of good luck and happiness.
Name Surfboard Price 16 000 Description Send this gift to a friend who's champion at surfing over other tankers and capturing the Gold Box like a pro surfer catches the wave.
Name Cosmonaut Price 14 000 Description An action figure to commemorate the first manned space flight made on April 12, 1961 by the 27-year-old Russian Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.See also : Community, gifts are perfectly suited for giving your best wishes to another tanker, congratulating them for a rank up or important achievement, cheering them up after a battle, or even confessing your feelings to someone you care about there are numerous ways.Name Crimson Beret Price 10 000 Description A symbol of the elite ranks.Name Blue Sphere Price 100 500 Description The legendary Blue Sphere.Tanker's Day 2017 Name Headset Price 1 400 Description Scratches on the helmet speak of the days Tanker spent in battle.Price 14 000 Description Learn this gesture and you'll be recognized at any intergalactic conference.Tanker's Day 2016 Name Happy Tankers Day!Name Claws Price 2 000 Description When someone's hands are simply not meant to be used for playing video games.If you can pull off this trick without them noticing, they'll go from having their head in the clouds, to having their teeth weight loss contests for money 2015 on the floor.The profile only shows the number of gift items of each type received, which is public information, while in the garage section you can view details for each individual gift: when it was sent, who sent it and the message they wrote.Name Agroglyphs Price 7 000 Description This helmet is made out of a multi-layered tin foil.
Cosmonautics Day 2017 Name Planet Earth Price 1 400 Description A miniature model of everyone's favorite rock.This is the perfect gift for the tanker whose helmet often finds itself with one too many dents.If you already have 100 gifts, upon receiving the next gift the oldest gift you have will be removed.Iron Days 2017 Name Combat socks Price 10 000 Description Cold feet are no good in the heat of combat.Iron Days 2018 Name Combat socks Price 1 000 Description Cold feet are no good in the heat of combat.April Fools Day 2017 Name "Kick Me" Sticker Price 1 400 Description The oldest joke in the book.Your Email friends Name friends Email send.New helmet is the best gift for a Tanker with a heavily daunted helmet requiring bethlehem abbey portglenone gift shop a replacement.Or finally confess your love to that person you keep thinking about!Thank You, continue Shopping, click for PopUp Message, explore.

Name Toy Tank Price 2 000 Description A unique, time-limited gift, available for the duration of Iron Days only.
Price 16 000 Description This gift can be sent to another player, together with your own custom message of up to 350 characters.
Name Red High Heel Shoe Price 14 000 Description For the sophisticated tanker who would like an alternative to heavy combat boots.