In November 2013, Southwest allowed most A-list members (those who passed screening by the TSA) to participate in the TSAs PreCheck program, which allows travelers to avoid a body scan and leave their belt and shoes.
Complimentary water, coffee, and soft drinks are offered on all flights.If you paid that fee with a credit card or with refundable ticketless funds you can call Southwest to have it refunded to you.Per Southwest, you should ask reservations to make a reservation note that you have not yet received the CP card in case they ask.Company management believed the inherent unfairness download avg for win xp of their loyalty program was a significant impediment boxycharm discount 2018 to increasing their share of the lucrative premium passenger market.There are no such fees.The ticketless funds will be locked to the original passenger and will expire just as if the original fare had been nonrefundable.After April 3, 2018 some city pairs were still available for redemption at 72 points per dollar, or even 55 points per dollar for very early or very late departures.
If you wait until less than one hour before departure (and especially if you have checked in and then not phoned to remove yourself from the flight your funds may be locked unless you phone Southwest to cancel the reservation and release them.
To make an Ultimate Rewards redemption on Southwest call.On November 8, 2007, Southwest introduced the A-List, offering priority boarding for frequent flyers, and Business Select, offering priority boarding for a premium fare.Finally, ebci passengers who bought a Wanna Get Away fare will be checked in, in order of who purchased ebci first.The main change is that you cannot qualify with a mix of, for example, 50 cheap one-way flights and 55k partner points.Concourse B, near Train.That option reportedly works quite well.Low-fare passengers will qualify more quickly by flight count than by points.

This might have you wondering whether you can book Companion Pass travel for X, change your Designated Companion to Y, then have X get a free trip on the earlier booking.