Business High Efficiency Air Source Heat Pumps Up to 725/ton Business Ground/Water Source Heat Pumps Up to 750/ton Business Natural Gas Water Heating Up to 800 Business Heat Pump Water Heating Up to 800 Green Heat Rebates Heat Pump Rebates Up to 500/ton Ductless mini-split.
We guarantee that if our cellulose insulation is properly installed, it will retain its thermal resistance, fire retardant and non-corrosive characteristics as well as its ability to control sound.The monthly payment will be added to your energy bill and no down payment is required.Residential Earth Power Loan up to 20,000 loan.9 for first 5 years.3,000 rebate towards high efficiency natural gas boiler *conditions apply.Today to learn more about our products and services or to request a".Program provides installation of a programmable thermostat, low flow showerhead, voucher for a free furnace cleaning and a quantity of Energy Star LED light bulbs.Our quality policy is to produce and deliver on time, our cellulose insulation products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.The cost of energy in Winnipeg at the time.Can be used on geothermal ac moore teacher discount heat pumps, cold climate air source heat pumps, solar thermal water heaters, or solar photovoltaic systems.
Hence we do it well!
If any recommended upgrades are completed within 12 months, you can qualify for rebates.Who We Are: North Star Fibre Inc., privately owned by CanAm Holding Company produces high quality cellulose from 100 recycled paper fibre offering a safe, durable and cost effective solution to your insulation needs.Having a professional install an HRV can help you regulate and prevent humidity problems in your home and even provides a little bit of energy savings.The amount and quality of your homes insulation.Monthly installments will be applied to your energy bill.Energy Finance Plan up to 5,000 financed on a 5 year term.75 *The loan covers qualifying upgrades tml, heat Recovery Ventilator Control Program up to 150.