Make some bourbon-drenched cherries for your friend who drinks Manhattans, and she'll never look at a store-bought maraschino the same way again.
You can create them in a few simple steps and your hands nail salon gift card online will be warm on these cold winter days!Photography: Chelsea Cavanaugh, elevate anyone's favorite cocktail (or just her seltzer) by stirring up and bottling one of these deliciously bright homemade syrups.Get the Heirloom Tea Towels How-To.Photography: Louise Hagger, you don't have to be a fruitcake lover to fall for these oh-so-elegant bites covered in chocolate and edible gold leaf.Cornmeal gives them a pleasant crumbly texture.Get Recipe, swipe here for next slide, shredded coconut, lemon borth animalarium voucher zest, dried cherries, and pistachios make a lovely quartet of flavors in these classic Italian cookies.Fresh cranberries work just as well, making a delicious sweet-tart topping for these mini flourless loaves.Get the Simple Sleep Mask How-To.Extend the excitement by turning gift-giving into a scavenger hunt.They would be a welcome addition to any cheese platter.
To Package: Find a small cheese board (we love the modern look of slate) and roll dough just a tad smaller than the board.Get the Fabric Flowers How-To, antique teacups that have lost their saucers still make sweet gifts when fitted with candles.We love the peppermint candies peeking out of these bite-size squares of rich fudge.You can use the same template to cut out each of the three layers that make up the mask.On chilly days, slip kids' hands into mittens you've decorated to look like ferocious beasts.To Package: Roll each piece of leather in a strip of parchment of equal size and then in a larger parchment square.They're also delicious on their own - pack them in clear bags with red string for a crowd-pleasing holiday gift.Vodka, citrus zest, spices like fennel seed and coriander, and the bitter root gentian steep in a jar for a few weeks, resulting in a heady, complex flavor.Add a gift tag with serving suggestions: spread on a burger, stir into a dip, or eat straight off a spoon!