Not only are they rated number one for customer service, theyll also give you freebies for signing.
In our latest poll, 18 of Barclays customers rated it 'poor while 45 rated it 'great'.
This effectively means the 7/month cash bonus is reduced to 4/month.Barclays current account AND loan customers: Since this story was published, Barclays has added a 'loan reward' to its scheme which gives 1/mth back (there's no minimum loan amount).Pay in at least 800 to your account (that's equivalent to an annual pre-tax salary of about 9,800).And for those existing Barclays banking customers who can't or tracfone 1500 minutes promo code won't switch, and who pay at least 800 a month into their account, it's a no-brainer.If you regularly dip into an overdraft or go into an unauthorised overdraft, here are the charges you'll face: How good is Barclays' customer service?Best Bank Accounts can earn up to 100 for doing so, earning much more than you would through the Blue Rewards scheme.
But the scheme's not a reason to switch to Barclays, or even to stick with.
To get double rewards for a year you must either: Open a new, barclays with Blue Rewards* account and use the switching service to move a non-Barclays account to it by 29 June.It's also worth noting that Barclays regularly scores poorly in our biannual banking poll where we ask readers to rate their bank's customer service.You shouldn't notice any difference and the link will never negatively impact the product.M S Bank offers a 100 M S gift card to switchers and a further 10 per month for a year.Even better, thanks to Barclays reclassifying the reward payments as 'cashback from now on you'll no longer need to pay tax on what you earn.You can bag 199 Bose headphones or a 150 Expedia voucher for making the switch.