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Rushmore stands as a shrine of democracy, a monument and memorial to this country's birth, growth and ideals.
The lighting program takes place at approximately nightly around dusk (May-September) in the park's amphitheater.
The workers had to climb 506 steps daily to get to the top of Mount Rushmore.
We look forward to your visit and strive to make it bob dylan nobel prize winning song as memorable as possible.Lincoln was chosen for preserving the Union through one of America's darkest hours and for the ideals of freedom and equality for all.The project includes a much larger parking facility and the new Lincoln Borglum Museum which features an orientation film and lots of excellent exhibits.Teddy Roosevelt, the third bust on Mount Rushmore was selected because he saw through the completion of the Panama Canal linking the oceans and opening the connecting waters of the East and the West.The memorial serves as home to many animals and plants representative of the Black Hills of South Dakota.Rushmore's granite faces tower 5,500 feet above sea level.
Whether a lifelong destination or a stop on your vacation itinerary, your visit to Mount Rushmore will be one you will tuck in your memory book forever.
Mount Rushmore Audio Tour incorporating music, narration, interviews, historic recordings and sound effects.
Services, sD Tourist Info, bH Tourist Info, welcome to the Mount Rushmore Information and the Mount Rushmore Shopping web site, your complete guide to shopping, including; gift shops, stores, souvenirs, Black Hills gold and specialties shops while vacationing in the beautiful Mount Rushmore area.Jefferson was to be honored.Symbolizing the ideals of freedom and democracy, it is a tribute to four presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln and their invaluable contributions to the United States.Or experience Sturgis, where motorcycles rule during August, time of the world famous Sturgis motorcycle rally.View the Sculptor's Studio and put yourself in the artist's perspective and view the mountain sculpture and the original model of the carving.The amphitheater is fully accessible via the Avenue of Flags to elevators at the museum.

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In the words of Mount Rushmore's creator, John Gutzon Borglum, ".