Arcade rewards based on steiff promo code games played rather than won Kaplan said this would create deviant behaviours.
Retiring heroes After some confusion on the topic, Kaplan made it clear that they are not even remotely thinking about retiring heroes right now or anytime in the foreseeable future.Console PTR Warnecke also commented on this being very difficult to achieve in a reasonable time frame due to the controls in place on the Xbox One and PS4 ecosystem.Linux version This isnt on the road map right now at the end of 2017, according to Bill Warnecke, lead software engineer.If youre ready to take a break from the summer heat, pick up the Overwatch Legendary Edition and join 40 million players in the ultimate team shooter.Hero language options This one is likely a long way off, but David Clyde, a programmer, confirmed on the forums that Blizzard would like to do xcom 2-style nationality-based language select for hero voice lines, for an extra touch of realism.Expect a similar rate of release unless something major changes.He later pointed out that the same team is working on high-bandwidth servers, which has taken priority as it actually improves the level of play in-game.
Mystery hero fixes Theres some clean up coming to this custom game mode at some point and Blizzard are thinking about changing the way ultimate charge operates within.
Colour Blind improvements Kaplans AMA revealed they want to do more with colour blind options, but that its difficult to prioritise.In a massive post, Kaplan laid out the whole current matchmaking system, as well as saying theyre constantly improving.The Overwatch free weekend begins at 11 am PT on July 26 and ends at 11:59 pm PT on July.This was covered in Kaplans big future post.Console split-screen Bill Warnecke explained how difficult this was to get working while maintaining quality of graphics and gameplay.It isnt supported by the code currently, but he wants to make it work in the future.New cosmetics So far weve received major event upgrade packs, the huge new vanilla legendaries update, and the odd added cosmetic between them.