Claims, against The Police For Assault And Battery.
It is part of the Co-ops ethos and values to provide help and support in red roof inn veterans discount enforcing legal rights so as to prevent injustice.
Solicitors on or contact us online and we will call you.
If you tell us who your legal expense insurer is, we will contact them for you and arrange for them to cover you with.The reason for this is that a prize of arms whilst the CFA exempts you from paying costs to us you may still be responsible to pay some of your opponents costs in addition to your own disbursements.You will be told how your complaint is to be investigated, what is required from you, how a decision is to be reached, and the eventual action to be taken.Alternatively, where no pre-existing legal expenses cover is in place we can arrange After the Event Legal Protection Insurance so you are fully covered and protected against the legal costs of making your claim.However, we do expect that once your complaint has been acknowledged and assigned to someone an indication should be given to you as to how long the investigation is likely to take.We will do this for you if we think that we can win the case.The risk is ours!Back to top, how does a Conditional Fee Agreement Work?However, by entering into a CFA you will be avoiding that risk.
If you have legal expenses cover, your legal expense insurer may contact you to arrange for representation by their choice of solicitor, however, you are free to choose your own legal representatives and you should not feel under pressure or obliged to instruct a solicitor.
Sheldon Davidson Solicitors deal exclusively with Clinical Negligence, Industrial Disease and Accident Claims.There are some circumstances under which you may have a claim for false imprisonment by the police even if you were not actually taken into custody.Before you do so we strongly recommend that you contact us so that we can review the letter and advise as to points that could or should be appealed.The benefit of a CFA with insurance is that if you win your case you will receive compensation at no risk, whereas if you lose, apart from the time that you have spent on your claim, your claim will have cost you nothing.Less than half of the complaints (48) were referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (iopc and there was a disproportionally low number of dismissals compared to the number of complaints made.While this is the simplest way to resolve a complaint, it is not a reason to believe that the misconduct you are complaining about is any less serious.You do not have to have a CFA and could decide to accept personal responsibility for our costs, your own expenses and those of your opponent.If your complaint against the police was in relation to a death and an inquest is to be held, the iopc will also provide their report and evidence to the Coroner to be considered at the inquest.Your personal injury Case Handler will communicate clearly with you ensuring everything about your claim is straightforward and easy to understand.Our ability to offer such an agreement will depend entirely upon the merits of your case and will be discussed with you before you formally instruct.