Music The music video for the Nine Inch Nails song "Closer" features a heart on a board attached to a bunch of electrodes.
When scientists use stem cells to grow cardiac tissue, they look for spontaneous beating in the plate to see if/where it worked.
Hellsing (the OVA How Alucard finishes Father Alexander Anderson off.
A variation in Iron Man.Incredibile ma vero sono talmente caldi che non si riescono a tenere in mano!An issue of Nightmares Fairy Tales tells the twisted tale of Snow White, in which the Evil Queen is told that beauty reflects the heart, so she has Snow White's heart cut out of her body and then procedes to rip her own heart out.And they follow you closely.Three guesses as to where its weak point.He runs off screaming at what he perceives as "Gooks" until the natives bring him down and the native chief cuts out his heart and eats.Almost every fighting game with fatalities has used a similar move at least once.When she finally kills the girl with a poisoned apple, the heart stops but when the prince revives her, the heart begins to beat once more.
The second of Barry Sadler's Casca series, God of Death, had Casca sacrificed by pre-Aztecs who cut out his heart.
It is revealed that this vault also exists in the real world.I forget if that was an actual episode he was remembering.In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Starlight Over Detrot, Hardy finds the heart of Cosmo's brother, surrounded by Zebrican runes and still very much beating.This happens to Eddie Murphy after Nick Nolte rips out his heart on Celebrity Deathmatch.There is also a giant beating heart in the depths of a Strogg Factory discount hardwood flooring uk in Quake IV, You have to destroy it before you can move on by increasing the electric shocks it receives to keep it beating until it beats so fast that.Even more frighteningly, Russia himself doesn't seem bothered at all ; he only blushes and says that it just "pops out of him, sometimes." Dark Schneider, the title character of Bastard!, is also known as 'The Immortal for very good reasons.

Doing so earns her the rank of Valkyrie.