The nonprofit environmental organization Earth911 maintains an extensive database that essentially lists all recycling facilities available in the United States, many of which will accept your old ink or toner cartridges and offer payments in return.
Benefits of recycling ink cartridges, if you took all the printer cartridges in use each year and lined them up end to end, you could circle the globe five-and-a-half times at the equator.More than 500 million printer cartridges are sold each year in the United States, and more than half 350 million of those are sent to landfills.If the boxes arent available, triple wrapping them in newspaper is an acceptable alternative.These recycling companies will only pay for the ones free humalog voucher that they accept, and some even charge penalty fees for those cartridges that they dont accept.Depending on the age and condition of your cartridges, these companies will likely pay you three or four dollars each for used ink cartridges, or 20 or more for used toner cartridges.Some recyclers will only accept certain brands or types, meaning you might have to separate expended inkjet and laser cartridges, or carry or send your old Canon, Epson, Dell, IBM or HP cartridges to different locations.If you do refill your cartridges, make sure you recycle them at the end of life.Ink cartridges only weigh about an ounce each, but there are many more of them and they still manufactured from plastics that can take a few centuries to fully biodegrade (if they ever do).
Online buyback sites Sites like Evolve Recycling, Recycle 4 Charity and Dazz Cycle pay fair market value for expended toner and/or ink cartridges, and for your convenience you can deliver them through the mail or by FedEx or UPS at a guaranteed profit.
Toner cartridges cant be reused indefinitely and are usually good for a few uses.Instead of trying to guess the market, you might want to leave your listings open for bidding, with an established minimum price of your choosing (based on what others are getting for similar products).It takes approximately one gallon of oil to manufacture a laser cartridge and.5 ounces of oil to manufacture a new inkjet cartridge, with accompanying greenhouse gas emissions.Reusing ink cartridges creates less waste, but they can only be refilled two or three times.Refilling and recycling for fun and profit In addition to their recyclability, almost all inkjet and laser cartridges can be refilled, and often several times before they are no longer suitable for that purpose.For reuse or recycling only We try hard to detail all we see.Some recyclers will accept cartridges in person, while others request shipments through the mail.But in the end youll still be able to recycle and do it for a profit, no matter how many times youve refilled your cartridges, and that could make the refill first, recycle later path your best option for long-term financial advantage.If they are to be shipped via FedEx, UPS or the post office, they should be wrapped well in newspaper before being put in the shipping container, even if you place them in plastic bags or their original packaging first.In the United States alone, about 500 million printer cartridges are purchased each year, and an estimated 350,000 will end up occupying precious landfill space.