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A simple concept such as drawing a Fibonacci measurement from a recent swing low to swing high is a lot easier to explain with the aid of images or an illustration than explaining it via audio.
When Al is not working on Tradingsim, he can be hit raid rewards found spending time with family and friends.His most famous was of course the Trend Following which is based on the Turtle Trading system which makes use of Donchian channels for trading.Who Starts Trading At 18?Monday, October 15, where Did The Money Go?And mind you, don't assume that just because a podcast is free of cost it doesn't add value, you will be surprised to find that some of the podcasts that require a higher subscription fee are actually worthless compared to free day trading podcasts.Cam is no trading guru which he mentions outright on his blog m and you are bound to get drawn to the 52traders podcast merely for the fact that Cam offers a no-nonsense approach to his podcast and more importantly, many day traders will find.Secondly, there are no charts for you to follow as well, making it even more complex if not difficult to comprehend.Michael Covel Podcast, podcast Name: Trend following, create a Winning Strategy: See how you can learn to trade stocks, futures and bitcoin risk-free.Michael's Trend following podcast is not particularly a "day trading" podcast but rather features interviews with well known names from all walks of life.While podcasts were primarily the domain for iPods, over time, the advent of smartphones and the numerous apps has made it easy for anyone to subscribe to a podcast and enable automatic downloads, so you can listen to it on the go without having.
Cam Hawkins, podcast Name: 52traders, author: Andrew Cam Hawkins, podcast Type: Talk show.
This means, that a video or just good old text content with pictures of charts and illustrations are able to drive home the point better than someone explaining you a trading concept via audio, with just your imagination to help you with.
This is what makes a podcast a better option than compared to a live radio, which by the way cannot be written off completely.The podcast can be interesting for systems traders or mechanical traders.Thanks for tuning in!Friday, October 19, the Weekend Edition, thursday, October.Heres the big news: In August and September Rob is assembling a group of 500 traders to trade together.

Bear in mind that some podcasts featured havent been updated in months, but they still make for an interesting piece of conversation worth listening.
Some of the most famous names that have appeared on Chat with Traders includes Jack Schwager, Linda Raschke among other big names.
Two Blokes Trading Podcast with Tom and Owen Tom and Owen   Podcast Name: Two Blokes Trading   Author: Andrew Tom and Owen   Podcast Type: Talk show/Interview/Reviews   Link: m/podcast/   Frequency: Weekly   Where to listen: iTunes, Android, Website Two Blokes Trading podcast.