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As a true social enterprise, being mindful of harts of stur voucher sustainability for macmillan promo code people and the planet is at the core of their guiding principles - they use organic ingredients when available, and women are paid fair wages to help lift themselves out of poverty.Their line of gift baskets include their rich and creamy dark chocolate, ginger thins, and savory hazelnuts - the chocolate lover in your life is sure to be satisfied.Organic Colombia - With a light body and low acidity, this medium roast produces sweet and fruity notes.For the friend whos mindful of foodie, flavor, and the planet, Alter Ecos truffles are delicious, addictive, and come in compostable packaging.An online market that sells natural and organic products at wholesale costs to members, Thrive Market also provides memberships to low-income families for free - so your giving goes twice as far!(Did you know theyre also the brownies featured in Ben Jerrys ice cream?) Their chocolate, sugar, and vanilla are all Fair-Trade ingredients, they are a B-Corp mindful of people and the planet, and they are the go-to gift for the dessert lover in your life.You might also like our guide to healthy and organic meal kit delivery services and fair trade coffee.Mixed together with organic coconut oil from Kerala, India, these truffles come from all ends of the world before being delivered to your door.
They dont hire people to make brownies - they make brownies to hire people.Celebrate people, the planet, and pure tea with their variety of options: Rooibos from South Africa, Chamomile Lemon from Egypt, and the quintessential Breakfast Blend from the.Just Love Coffee, their founders Rob Emily Webb wanted to come up with a for-profit that put giving back into the mission.Deep in the Peruvian Amazon and by the Ecuadorian Coast, Alter Eco s farmers gather cacao beans from organic trees, which then go to Switzerland to be crafted into delicious truffles.Give the gift of love and goodwill this holiday season with a gift basket from. For both savory and sweet treats, their handcrafted bundles are sure to bring a warm smile feature points promo code to anyone!These organic, Fair-Trade, and non-GMO options will keep the joy of the gift long after its been given.Rebbl creates these drinks, aptly titled elixirs and potions using superherbs and organic, Fair-Trade ingredients.We offer a wide variety of organic coffees and we know it is difficult to choose just one.