profit loss and discount formula

150 and selling price is 137.50, then calculate the loss and percentage loss on the book?
Cost Price: The amount paid to purchase an article or the price at which an article is made, is known as its cost price.
If the cost price of 10 pens is equal to the selling price of 8 pens, find the gain or loss per cent.C.P., then Loss.P.Gain (gain / CP) 100 (7 / 168) / 6 4 /.Mike bought a DVD for 750 and sold it for 875.Solution: Here, cost price.In case the cost price of both the items is the same and percentage loss and gain are equal, then net loss or profit is zero.Cost price (CP the amount for which an article is bought is called its cost price.Solution: plastic online coupon Cost price of the scooter 12000, overheads 2850.Notes: The gain or loss is always reckoned on the cost price.
Find Mike's gain per cent.
Find his gain or loss percentage.Find the cost price of the chair.137.50, loss Cost price selling price,.What weight has he substituted for a kilogram?How much per cent did he gain or lose?In calculating profit percent and loss percent we will learn about the basic concepts of profit and loss.Then, he sold it to his friend Sam for 13860.Loss (CP) - (SP iII.Solution: Selling price cost price.Loss ( ) 990.

To find SP when CP and gain or loss are given: SP (100 gain ) / 100.
Solution: CP 750 and SP 875.
A vendor bought oranges at 20 for 56 and sold them at 35 per dozen.