19 10 DIY Gifts for Tea Lovers Decorated Tea Strainer Tea lovers are sure to best sewing gifts enjoy this decorated tea strainer.
Its knitted into the shape of a teapot and thank you letter for retirement party and gifts if that wasnt indication enough that a tea-lover is wearing it, it has the word tea knitted right into.It holds down the tea bag in the hot water so that it seeps better and they get a better cup of tea.The teas are paired with punny plays on classic book titles.Do childhood memories come flooding back?Its been assembled in a way that presents fair trade teas from different locales right in one well-labeled box.Tell us about it in the comments and we might include your suggestion in our regular post update!Did you scroll all this way to get facts about gifts for tea lovers?Theyve really done their best to make this work simply and efficiently so you can get to the best part of the process: the drinking.
This step-by-step tutorial from Leafcutter Designs is easy to follow and you can crank out a bunch of these quickly once you have all your tools and materials ready.
Well say that again, it doesnt leak!
Tea tins are great for storing tea of course, and they can add some real charm to a kitchen, as long as you pick one that complements your other appliances or overall look of your kitchen.This cup as the very familiar Facebook Thumbs Up on it, making this one tea cup that theyre sure to Like.You load up this dino with your favorite blend of tea, close him up, and in he goes.This the last infuser your tea lover will ever own.Each tea comes in a.Your confirmation will be sent to email.You may have to pour tea twice as often, but the company is worth.Its a great way to share a cup or two with your favorite tea buddy.