Aggregation of large datasets ( 1 mln rows) can be performed on database level (with group BY query) and loaded into PivotData instance for further analytical processing.
Typical PivotData Tool usage: scheduled re-calculation of data cube discount knockout roses files (for example, daily or hourly) batch pivot table reports generation.What is PivotData Toolkit?All developers who are working on the project that uses PivotData Toolkit need to be licensed.FAQ section for more details) download and pricing, pivotData olap library implements in-memory geek bearing gifts multidimensional dataset (data cube) for further analytical processing.NET applications.It is possible to purchase a license for unlimited developers.Data cube is used for aggregating real-time data stream (ProcessData is called many times for data chunks) and sub-totals should be kept up-to-date without re-calculating totals when next data chunk is arrived (for example in case of real-time monitoring/alerts).PivotData can be used with large variety of data sources: in-memory.NET collections, anything with IEnumerable interface: see "DynamicListGrouping" example large CSV / TSV files: CsvSource class json godiva birthday gift data: array of objects / array of values: JsonSource class any SQL database that has T provider (see.Dll netstandard builds are available starting from version.3.0.If you're interested in this feature and want to get an example of NLQ feature please contact.
Quick purchase process 1 Choose a package 2 Pay online 3 Download the package, pivotData Toolkit provides.NET components for rendering pivot table to html, exports to CSV/json/Excel/PDF, data source connectors etc.Library performs fast real-time data grouping and aggregation, calculates data for pivot tables and charts without olap server.Fast data cube serialization (save/load in-memory cube state).PivotData.dll netstandard builds (for NET Core 1 2 apps) are available starting from version.3.1.PivotData Tool (command line utility) PivotData Tool is a command line (console) utility that can be used for automating data aggregation and pivot table generation tasks (no programming needed aggregate data from csv file, MS SQL or any SQL database with odbc driver define derived.Expired subscription can be renewed for 1 year with 50 of the full package price.Each production deployment should have its own license.