Despite the Plan : The MythBusters usually manage to pull it together and get a valid or workable result.
Unlike some of the other guest stars that have been on the show,.B.Only to discover only some of the explosive went off incorrectly due to the weight of the cement dislodging the primer cord, which caused a very dangerous reset.Deadpan Snarker : Jamie.Until Adam comes in, puts it out with a fire extinguisher, and wordlessly exits.Groin Attack : Tory rci rewards redemption gets clocked by a playful goat during the "Fainting Goat" segment of the "Viral Hour" episode.Captivity Harmonica : Tory humorously uses his voice, with his hands cupped in front of his face, to emulate this during the Prison Break myth.Happens twice in a row when testing if a gun dropped into hot frying oil will go off.Pretend We're Dead : Tory tries this.
In the Viral Videos episode, they warned that the viewers shouldn't believe every video they see online.
The claim made for the substance is true on a micro level, but is too flawed to use in the large-scale way the myth states.) Viewers Are Goldfish : Even though the MythBusters themselves busted the myth that goldfish have a memory that lasts only 3 seconds, they do seem to believe their viewers have very short memory spans.In at least one case, Tory turns toward the montage and tells himself to hurry.In nearby Esparto, California, it ended up knocking people off sofas, setting off car alarms, breaking windows and knocking down ceiling tiles, and the news reported that the MythBusters had leveled the town.Exactly What It Says on the Tin : During the Western Myths episode, after Grant, Tory and Kari fire a lockpick through a dummy head, the narrator states that "if there ever was an experiment that was exactly what it said on the tin, this.

Adam : You're suggesting we get acting lessons.
The test was filmed at the Freightliner test track, as was skipping a car across water.
Grant: Only on MythBusters.