Chicken -hearted dim witted Gamarala threatens free media again!
This bookmaker who wallows in the suffering of the poor.
W arm greetings from Sri Lanka, the land of a thousand breathtaking spectacles.
Owner Chef, Lanka "I'm proud to be offering gourmet homemade cakes that are baked with great care and use fresh ingredients.".As the Sri Lankan greeting says, May You enjoy the gift of long life.(video) (Lanka e News -24.June.2018,.25PM) A yellow murder mania which is a challenge to laws, justice and pristine Buddhism is most dangerously rearing its monstrous head across the entire country.(Lanka e News -10.July.2018,.30PM) A robed monk of a vihara at Galkanda, Ratnapura was taken into custody on window gift boxes packaging the 10 th (today) on charges of murdering a police sergeant.The victim of this ghastly murder is Samarawickrema a police sergeant working.Yes, though feasibility studies said the port wouldnt wor Yellow murder mania conspiracy hatched in devil incarnate Gotas house!20 OFF 13 OFF, online Gift Baskets to Sri lanka.Sri Lankan Lawmakers Target Reporters in Times Investigation!Order from us right away, will make your event special.Lester with full State honors on May 2 nd at Independence square -State information Director General (Lanka-e-News -.2018,.15PM) The funeral ceremony of Sri Lankas celebrated film Director and producer.President turns jittery orders to somehow hide it from LeN!(Lanka e News.2018,.00AM) Herein is the photograph which depicts the signing of an agreement Sri Lanka -Singapore free trade agreement between the two countries when the Singapore prime minister Lee Hsieng Loon visited the Island on the 23.
This news report is an absolute lie and it is the.
16 OFF 5 OFF, send Flowers to Sri lanka, view All.Sentence on.The Consumer Affairs Authority has sent the two Determination Letters yesterday.A special Police operation starts from tommorow against drugs mafia!This group of blood lusty yellow monsters under the p Medamulana Gota the Chinese Sales propagandist, his election activities and his American beauty By Keerthi Ratnayake - a former State Intelligence officer (Lanka e News -18.June.2018,.45PM) US ambassador Athul Keshap left for America after.Lester James Peiris will take place at the Independence square, Colombo with full State honors on May 2 nd.00.m.

If majority of party leaders want it, speaker can convene parliament.M.Ranil (Lanka e News -27.Oct.2018,.30PM) If a majority of the party leaders are for it, the speaker can convene parliament, said prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe when speaking to Lanka e news.
BBC has not imposed any bans on me says Azzam Ameen (Lanka e News.2018,.10AM) BBCs local Sinhala correspondent Azzam Ameen responding to the inquiry made by Lanka e News said, the report published by a certain media that he is banned from participating.